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No matter the challenges

Formax’s reputation, built over the years, speaks for itself. Our values always drive us to meet and even exceed our clients’ expectations, that we always place as a top priority.

We excel in projects with high technical difficulties. Regardless of the challenges or conditions, our team accomplishes the work efficiently and professionally, all while respecting environmental regulations and standards.


From 2009 to today

It all began in 2009 when two colleagues, Francis Quesnel and Patrick Fauteux, launched Formax Drilling and Cutting. They started the company for concrete drilling and cutting by gathering tools from their respective garages. Over time, their expertise expanded as they acquired better equipment and welcomed new members into the Formax family.

The company now has several employees and a skilled manual demolition team. Concrete drilling and cutting services are still provided, and they are complemented by hydrodemolition, concrete restoration, joint injection and extraction, and more.

The team and the heart of the company have persevered all these years, and they are ready to provide you with quality service that meets your expectations.



Jessica Lepage
Nadine Chouinard
Sylvain huard
Jacques Guillemette
Philippe Corriveau
Vincent Caron
Kevin Lepage
Kevin Lepage
Francis Sauvé
Jean-Philip Côté
Jean Philip Coté
Patrice Chénier
Patrice Chénier
Simon Morin

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Training and Certification

Formax does not hesitate to invest the necessary efforts in the training and improvement of drilling and construction techniques carried out by its team of professionals, in a continuous effort to maintain the highest industry quality standards.


Safety First

Formax regularly undertakes complex projects, so it is natural for us to pay special attention to safety.

Indeed, our company is dedicated to carrying out all its mandates within an environment where health and safety are omnipresent, both for our employees and partners involved in its worksites.