Concrete drilling & cutting

Concrete Drilling

Formax has a reputation for being a leader in all aspects of concrete drilling. We are present at every stage of the project, emphasizing impeccable professionalism, a human approach, and a focus on detail and efficiency. Our expertise is matched only by the quality of our modern equipment; we are comfortable both on construction sites and in private spaces. 

Choose secure and industry-standard concrete drilling that offers numerous benefits, such as cutting precision and efficient execution.

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Concrete drilling from 0 to 36 inches  

The Benefits

Diamond concrete drilling

Concrete Cutting

The Formax team ensures concrete cutting, drilling, and deconstruction with skill and precision.

For us, every request is achievable in accordance with best practices and the strictest safety standards. Regardless of the nature of your work, we have the necessary equipment and expertise to execute your project with great precision.

Business Sectors

The Benefits

Diamond concrete cutting

Our Key Concrete Drilling & Cutting Projects

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